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Welcome and Introduction

Plater Financial Services Inc. would like to welcome you to our informational website, designed to familiarize you with our procedures and practices, as well as introduce the benefits of having Plater Financial Inc. as your advisory company.

Our area of specialization is in understanding the financial needs of our clients. Our exceptional talent is offering investment, insurance and estate protection advice – made simple, with a personal touch. At Plater Financial Inc., we provide a consistent message regardless of market conditions or fads.

“What We Believe…”

  • That the values of integrity, transparency and honesty drive success
  • In working with clients who share our values
  • In long term partnerships and putting our clients first
  • In practicing what we preach by owning what we recommend to clients
  • In Transparency- what client pays, to whom and how we are compensated
  • In investing in people, technology and service as opposed to bricks and mortar
  • That the portfolios we build for clients are the very best for them to achieve success
  • In not locking them into investments that could trigger penalties (DSC)
  • That achieving financial goals takes planning
  • That our present actions ensure our, and our clients, future success
  • Lowering our client’s fees by leveraging their portfolio size
  • It is our responsibility to educate the client about what they own and why
  • It is our responsibility to educate the client from a behavioural standpoint.
  • In honesty- telling the whole truth and not lurking in the grey area
  • If you lower fees to clients, you improve their long term investment performance
  • That all advice should be based on the client's present and future tax situation.
  • In taking a holistic view of clients financial situation
  • In giving back to the community

Plater Financial Inc.
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